We perform transfers of any variety. The most common is the face-to-face handgun transfer, mandated by Pennsylvania law to occur only through a licensed gun shop. We will also perform transfers for any firearm purchased online, including long guns, hand guns, and NFA items. We will also work to accommodate face-to-face transfers to PA residents from out of state residents. And if you've sold your firearm online, we will be happy to handle packing and shipping for you.
Cleaning can be performed on-site by any of our clerks. Cost varies with the size, complexity, and durability of the item, but a typical handgun will run about $25.00.
Special Orders
If you want an obscure firearm or one that we don't happen to have in stock, we would love to order it for you. Special orders are subject to availability.
Appraisals are offered free of charge in the shop, but the firearm must be present for this service. We will not perform appraisals or give quotes over the telephone or through email. Large collections can be appraised on site - please contact us to arrange a visit. Such appraisals will be free if the majority of the collection is sold or consigned to us within one week, but will otherwise incur a fee based on the number of items appraised.
Consignment is an excellent option for sellers who want to make a little more money on their firearm over what we would pay for it outright, or for firearms that we are not particularly interested in buying. There is no fee to put an item on consignment, but removing an item from consignment will cost $5 to cover the background check required by the ATF to return it. Our consignment rates are negotiable, with higher value items and collections commanding lower rates. Please contact us for details.